Irreversible Pepsin Fraction


Cantech-IPF-1IPF is a therapeutic platform technology that can be used to facilitate a broad range of applications. It is free from neurological, gastrointestinal and hematological side effects.

IPF has not shown to be subject to viral resistance and is cost effective.


IPF Advantages


• Turns on the immune system to fight Autoimmune diseases – not achieved with other therapies

T-cells activation factor

• Inhibits the infection of CD4 T-cells

• Raises CD4 T-cell counts to healthier levels

• Complements with one protease inhibitor only

• Potentially lesser costly and much less toxic

• May be effective as a periodic therapy instead of a daily one

How does IPF work?


IPF binds to T-cells and turns on Th1 immune system responses that kill infected cells. IPF appears to modulate helper T1 cells’ expression of elaborate cytokines INFy, IL-2, which selectively promote cell-mediated immune response and subsequently stimulate cytotoxic lymphocytes. These lymphocytes have a prominent role in the host’s immunologic response to the infection. Proteins encoded by these pathogens enter the endogenous pathway for antigen presentation and are expressed on the surface of the infected cell as a complex with class I MHC –proteins. IPF appears to present a novel mechanism to reduce viral burden and stimulate innate immune responses to the virus for patients with significant antiretroviral resistance. Not done by any other immune therapy.

Our flagship compound is a suspension of Inactivated Pepsin Fraction (IPF), which studies have shown is effective in the treatment of autoimmune diseases such as cancer, cirrhosisand Hepatitis C. IPF is the active drug substance of ITP Drug Product (Immuno-Therapeutic Protein) and is a purified extract of porcine pepsin. ITP has been shown to modulate the immune system.

Release Specification and Analytical Methods

Product release and shelf-life specifications and methods for finished drug are summarized in Table 1.


pH of suspension 6.6-6.8 pH meter, USP method
IPF 4.00-8.00 mg/mL of protein Micro Keldahl method
Bacterial endotoxins <= 28 of IPF USP 24 <85> Bacterial Endotoxin Test
Sterility Sterile USP 24 <71> Membrane Filtration
Container closure integrity Scal and stopper are intact Visual inspection

 Table 1. Finished Product Release Specifications and Methods for Sterile ITP Drug Product

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